"The Living Darkness"

by Origin Of Darkness

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Unique, bombastic and horrifying slow-burn death/industrial/doom from the sole founder/member of the legendary doom/death band Catacombs. Monstrous and cataclysmic in sound and style, with inhumanly deep, guttural vocals, it's driving rhythms and otherworldly and underworldly horrific atmospheres all come together to create the most viciously dark and seething, brutal, hateful extreme metal heard, matched by it's inhumaly hateful lyrical content.


released June 6, 2012

Xathagorra Mlandroth - all instruments, vocals & lyrics.



all rights reserved


Xathagorra Arizona

Xathagorra Mlandroth is known as a figurehead and pioneer in the genre of extreme death/doom metal since 1993. He's the sole founder member of legendary bands such as Hierophant, Catacombs and Origin Of Darkness, now on his own label, Xathagorra Industries. ... more

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Track Name: Cohesion of Cataclysm
Streams of chaos - converge into a horrid nexus - aeons of cosmic hate erupt - swallowing the stars - concentric waves of darkness - wash away the filth of light - apocalyptic astral chaos unleashed - shatters worlds to dust - dissolution into the sentient darkness - epoch of unlife - accretion of ageless rage - renders life to death - and thus begins - the dark aeon
Track Name: Vortices
Abyss within abyss, gateways for the other gods - portals for the horror divinities - beyond the bounds of time and space, infinite hells await - within unfathomed depths - dimensions intertwined - constellations of horror - from the darkness between the stars - of the skies of the abyss - celestial terror unbound - hideous unholy abominations - emerging to cleanse the earth through darkness - astral chaos unleashed - from the vortices
Track Name: The Living Darkness
Where I walk I leave a path of ruin and death - that which I touch withers and dies - left blackened and befouled - the living darkness that is I - rotting away the earth with the essence of decay - all things of light and life devoured by darkness - there is no solace from the suffering I bring - I am the plague of the plague... cleansing - the sickness that is man - through the purity of darkness - the living darkness that is I - rotting away the earth with the essence of decay - as grotesque twisted and horrid in their forms - as the essence from which they arose - the wails of the wretched abominations awakened - herald my coming - the world's doom cometh -I, the living darkness - I will show you horrors undreampt of by man - nightmare forms arise from the living black - you will know hell - I will show you suffering, horrid endless pain - contorted in the agony of inhuman torment - I will show you misery, emptiness and despair - a lightless world of ruin where naught is left but decay - you will know hell - I will show you nigthmare, a world of terror - you will know the fear of true black darkness - I will show you anguish - suffer the sickness you are - wretched beings of filth and no worth - empty, shallow and dead - now you will know true darkness - you will know hell