"In the Depths of R'lyeh"

by Catacombs

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From the legendary extreme ultra-doom/death band Catacombs, "In the Depths of R'lyeh" has been in countless 'zines and two books, heralded as the only album to do justice to and truly capture the atmosphere of the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

It offers arguably the darkest, most macabre, otherwordly and underworldly atmospheres, and a literal monolithic heaviness in sound and style. While extremely slow in pacing at imes, it's manages still to be driving, due to the rhythms, timings and composition. The vocals are borderline inhuman.

Along with the strongly Lovecraftian lyrics, come together to create a masterpiece of extreme ultra-doom/death that also, in particular, will appeal to every true hardcore fan of H.P. Lovecraft.


released June 6, 2006

Xathagorra Mlandroth - Instruments, vocals & lyrics.



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Xathagorra Arizona

Xathagorra Mlandroth is known as a figurehead and pioneer in the genre of extreme death/doom metal since 1993. He's the sole founder member of legendary bands such as Hierophant, Catacombs and Origin Of Darkness, now on his own label, Xathagorra Industries. ... more

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Track Name: In the Depths of R'lyeh
He who sleeps, ageless, out of time - awakens now from restless sleep - stirring in the depths of his aqueous tomb - at the sound of the gathering - - of the neophytes of doom - chants in unknown tongues - echoe through accursed halls - the great eyes open... - the very cosmos shudder - at the awakening of the ungod - arising from the watery chasm - as his acolytes of doom - lurch forth from ebbing tides - as the world's doom - arises from the deep - and they chant... Ia! Ia! Cthulhu Fhtagn!
Track Name: Dead Dripping City
Cold skies rain black ichor upon the dead dripping city - black spires loom ominous above dead and barren earth - the damned roaming through shadowed halls of decrepit stone - ornate with carvings of horrid forms - depicted in abhorrent rites - tell of horrors which should never be - morbid and grotesque in their very existence - shambling forms lurch forth from writhing shadows - gathered before the monstrous eikon - chanting in tongues unknown to man - arms spread wide beneath a moonless sky - evoking the essence of their unholy god - who dwells within the deeps - visions come to me of what has always been - my place with the wretched - who dwell in eternal shadow - fated to forever dwell among the damned - in that accursed city - the dead dripping city.
Track Name: At the Edge of the Abyss
Gazing down into the boundless abyss - from the dge of the world - staring into the stygian blackness - that exists between the stars - the basalt gates of the underworld open - monstrous forms of untold horror - lumber forth from the lightless depths - the ancient unholy gods of whom men dare not dream - emerging from chasms choked with the bones of untold dead and countless unhallowed centuries - the unholy abominations arise - to devour all light - at the edge of the abyss I stand - staring into that black carrion pit - as the world dies - a black moon rises - heralding the end
Track Name: Where No Light Hath Shone... (But For That of the Moon)
An ashen sun descends into frozen skies - sinking behind a veil of eternal night - haunting shadows drape the earth in horror - serpent vines of despondent earth crawl - where no light hath shone but for that of the moon - and once lush valleys shall wither and die - and rise high with the blood of man - and new mountains shall form from the bones of countless dead - living shadows shall arise - where no light hath shone but for that of the moon.
Track Name: Fallen Into Shadow
Fallen into shadow - beyond time and death - into the realm of darkness and ruin - into the unending gloom of grim and malefic shades - transcendental descent into the bleak omniscient darkness - where flames of woe burn unending - exalted realm of euphoric grief - return to the origin of darkness in purest form - fallen into shadow - vast unknown oblivion of blissful misery - foul from my eyes gleams an ancient malice - as I return to reign my clandestine throne - eternally... fallen into shadow.
Track Name: Awakening of the World's Doom (Reprise)
Ia! Ia! Cthulhu Fhtagn!